Thursday, 3 February 2011

How to Register for Food Product in Indonesia (BPOM)National Agency of Drug and Food Control

Registration for Food

Purpose of Registration for Food
  1. Guaranteed food which is freed from all kinds of hazard such as biological hazard, chemicals and physics and acceptance of food by consumer in legible condition for consumption.
  2. Consumers are safe from food which is not legible, not safe and pirated.
How to Register for Food Product ?
To register Food Product, Applicant must complete terms/criterias which are specified and also fill registration form which is available at Directorate of Evaluation for Safety Food Deputy Control Section for Safety Food and Dangerous Substances.
Registration place/booth for Food

Directorate of Evaluation for Safety Food Deputy Control Section for Safety Food and Dangerous Substances.
National Agency of Drug and Food Control
Jl. percetakan Negara no. 23 Jakarta 10560
Telephone/Fax: 021-4245267


Put into map colored :

  • Red for food, drink and additives
  • Blue for special food (paharege, iradiation, GMO)
  • Green for specific produce food (baby food & diet)
  • Yellow for imported product

Form A :

  • Filling product name, type, netto, package type, name and address of company
  • Attachment of Registration Completeness (identical to which has been decribed above)

Form B :

  • Composition of origin substance with percentage especially main substance and additives
  • Name and address of supplier for the medium and closer which are used
  • Attach specification of origin substance, medium and closer

Form C :

  • Manufacturing way from raw ingredients to completed product
  • Sample and explanation of production code
  • Attach location map and Industry lay out

Form D :

Details about quality control system from raw ingredients to final product, for imported product from origin manufacturer which is original or legalized photocopy
  • Main section of label must contain
    • Product name
    • Netto
    • Name, address of manufacturer and/or supplying food in certain area of Indonesia
  • Bagian lain harus memuat :
    • Composition/list of origin substance which is used
    • Date, month, year Expiry; production code and registration code
  • Label for food which has Nutrition Value Information at least contain :
    • Serving Size
    • Quantity of serving for each package
    • Energy Contain for each serving in calory
    • protein, karbohydrate, fat contain for each serving (gram)
    • Percentage of Needed Nutrition Value which is recommended
  • Label must be in Indonesian language aside from other language


  • Attach product sample 3 (three) package
  • Document which is registered must be legalized


Local Product

  • Industry License from Deperindag or BKPM
  • Brand Certificate from Depkeh & HAM if the brand is using logo R or TM in circle
  • Specification of substance origin
  • Information of free from mad cow and nail-mouth disease for substance which is originated from imported cow of certain country
  • Information of GMO/Non GMO for corn, kedele and the after produced
  • Aside from terms/criterias at local product for licensed product & repackage, attach coalition selection letter for licensed product and/or which is repackage

Imported Product

  • Selection Letter from origin company (showing the original)
  • Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product / Free Sale certificate which is issued by authorized deputy from origin country (showing the original)
  • Information of free radiation for dairy product, meat, fish, fruit, vegetable either fresh or produce; mineral water; cereal including flour, corn, barley
  • Information of free from mad cow and nail-mouth disease (same as above terms/criterias)


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